Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lights But No Heat

Thanks for all your kind words during our recent power outage.  We lost power Sunday afternoon, had it back overnight Tuesday then it was out again until Thursday evening.  It was a long week. Cold and dark too!  Fortunately cooking and hot cups of tea were possible with a one burner camp stove. Solar lights, a homemade olive oil lamp and layers of blankets on crates got us through.

We're still watching the weather just in case.

Trail and Darby

In case you're wondering who Darby is...well he was a barn cat at our former home.  Prior to getting an outside space for the barn cats, they were in a bedroom upstairs. Darby was the only one who ventured downstairs and was very happy mingling with the dogs. So...how could he be sent back outside? (I know, I know, some of you would!)

Bill has hunkered down in an old jacket, waiting for spring.

Our electrician is coming this week to install heat and hopefully next week our new woodstove will be installed.  

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  1. Well, on the whole, we think cats are pests, but we wouldn't have sent Darby out! SHE thinks heat is probably more important than lights, as long as you can make coffee! Sounds like you oped well!