Friday, December 30, 2016

The wood pile

Since we are now partially heating with wood, we got two cords of wood delivered and are working hard to get it into the enclosed porch.  The easiest way is to throw pieces over the dog fence until there is a big pile then move the pieces inside.  Easier because the dogs all stay inside while the wood is being tossed over the fence and then they come outside and help.

Of course, their idea of help isn't necessarily my idea of help.  I tried to convince Bill to actually pick up a chunk of wood but it didn't work.  

Considering that a big pile of wood suddenly appeared in the fenced area, the blind girls did well avoiding it, likely due to the smell.  Brook was a bit confused initially thinking that we were going inside each time I walked in with wood.  After a few times, she gave up and just hung out.


  1. We wondered if some of that wood was 'christened'. Dui would have been all over it! Ahhhhh, warmth for winter...and a few treats...Bliss!

  2. Haha! I am teaching Ava to 'clean up' for an assignment... it's going better than yours, but not by much!