Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Snow!

We had another snowstorm and I was able to get some pictures of (camera-shy) Callie.  She typically turns away when she sees the camera, unlike the others who tend to pose.

Jolly Ball fun
After a session of Jolly Ball, it was off to run the paths through the fenced area and chase a smaller ball.

That is one advantage of creating paths for the blind girls, they double as runways for playing fetch.

Callie may be getting older but she still enjoys playing in the snow!


  1. The tunnels can also funnel the dogs right into the camera, too. BOL! They look like they're enjoying that snow so much!

  2. Oh, it's nice to see Callie! Hi Callie!
    (Sorry for being so slack at visiting lately.)

  3. Love her sweet, happy smile!