Friday, January 27, 2017

Little Critters

Here at our new home there have been little critters around.  When the weather is warmer, blind Hiker is especially interested in sniffing around the fence perimeter.

There was a mishap with a bag of cat kibble one day.  Then the next day while driving, I could smell something, like something was cooking.  When I arrived at my destination and opened the hood (or as they often say here on the east coast the engine bonnet)...

Yup, that is a collection of cat kibble.  Baked on cat kibble.

Yesterday there was heavy rain and most of the snow melted.  Further proof of the little critters was seen outside.

Are you wondering why the cats haven't caught these little critters yet?  The cats are too lazy and laying on the dog beds by the wood stove.

If we can convince blind Hiker to get out of bed, we'll send her hunting.


  1. I love how you always paint such pictures of your world with such few words and photos.

  2. Oh my gosh... I just want to climb into that bed with Hiker. SHe looks so cozy! (Okay, for a minute there when you said you smelled something cooking - I thought maybe it was the critter!)