Thursday, January 19, 2017

Play Ball!

Trail's foster Mom sent us a ball recently. (Thanks again D!)  This will be primarily an outside ball for playing fetch and chasing around.  While working on the woodpile, the big deaf guy seemed to think that perhaps the human's eyesight wasn't that good.  Maybe by placing the ball in with the wood it would be thrown?

Well, that didn't get very good results.  So, let's try the other one.

Not to worry, we played ball and got wood inside too.  

It is a bit challenging carrying an armload of wood while trying to not trip over two blind dogs and making sure that the deaf dog gets out of the way!


  1. So cute. Isn't it funny when you can just tell your dog's thinking you're such a dummy for not getting their very clear signals! :)

  2. A canine agility course....maybe you should start a club...BOL!

  3. Thanks for the smile! Too cute!

  4. Hehe - I wasn't worried, acdMom. ;)