Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunny, sunny days!

The past few days have been sunny and warm and we've had the time to be outside enjoying the weather in between night shifts.

Breeze and Bill

In the above photo, see the fencing in the background?  It's a little mangled after a run-in with Brook.  Despite being blind, all three of the visually impaired run around the yard at high rates of speed and somehow rarely run into anything. They are able to navigate around trees, the deck and know when they are getting close to the perimeter fence.  The little soft fencing around the garden sometimes gets bumped into. Brook miscalculated and ran into one of the wooden supports for the fence and knocked it out of the ground. She tumbled into the plants but quickly jumped up and kept going.

Also in the above photo, you may have noticed a shoe.  Breeze has a habit of gathering footwear and taking it outside.  Interesting thing is that Hiker also has a habit of gathering footwear.  Hiker will stash shoes in her crate.  Neither of them chew shoes/boots/slippers, they just take them.

Breeze, Hiker and Bill

Azule is still wearing her cone and her ear is healing very well with no need for surgical repair.  She has adapted amazingly well and doesn't seem bothered by it all.  Breeze will often stick her face in the cone to snuzzle Azule and I've also observed her grabbing the cone and pulling Azule around.  That, combined with the day to day rough and tumble activities has resulted in a few duct tape repairs.

When the pack got too warm from the sunshine, they moved over to the cool dirt in the shade of the fort for a continuation of nap time.

 Bill tried out the patio stones for a mixture of sun and shade.

Callie hasn't been able to get out and play lately since she hurt her back leg.  We are insisting on rest as recommended by our vet.  So, no JollyBall, no frisbee, nothing physical.  She is doing well with stuffed Kongs and extra chew treats.

We are hoping for more sunny days and for Callie's leg to be better so she can get out and play.


  1. Aww, Breeze is trying to help get off the cone! :)

    We have an award for you on our blog.

  2. And Scarlett is shoe obsessed too!

  3. Love those sunny days!

    We noticed the shoe straight away...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Those holes are just enormous! Unfortunately, since Linus left, Blueberry isn't into digging holes anymore. I love it when dogs dig - it just looks so much fun and I don't mind the large holes in the yard at all. Plus - it comes in handy if you are gardening and want to take a break and the dog takes over. ;)

  5. Love the zoned-out expressions on all of their faces in the photo of them napping in the shade of the "fort." We hope Azule can stop wearing the cone soon so she won't have to be dragged about the yard by Breeze. Callie looks as though she's not minding her restricted activity at all. :-D

    Susan and Wrigs