Monday, August 04, 2014

Trail and the creek

Just in case you only glanced at the title, no, creek is not the name of a new addition! A name like that would certainly fit though, wouldn't it?!

The creek we are referring to is the creek on our property.  

I decided to venture out the back with Trail, through the overgrown fields to the wooded acreage.  As we approached the creek, we thought of Blueberry due to what we saw on the remains of a beaver dam.

It isn't Mr. Bill, but a Santa toy.  Likely from the tenant's dog or maybe just maybe the coyotes have toys?

Trail was very interested in the creek.

"Should I go in?"
Once he got his feet wet, there was no stopping him.

Of course, after a swim, there is nothing better than a roll in the grass.

Since Trail is deaf and the entire acreage is not fenced, we had to leave the leash attached but that didn't bother him at all.  Note to self for next time: use two or three roaming leads.


  1. You may have to rename him Creek!

    Do beavers still things?

    1. We meant steal....don't know where the brain is tonight.

  2. Nice one Trail and there is nothing like a good roll after a swim. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hahaha - that is totally something Mr Bill would get caught in!

    I really like the name Creek - I'm sure that's in your back pocket in case you get another addition to the pack!