Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Mischief

Once in a while, the dogs get into things that they shouldn't.  

When I returned from the barn, I saw this

It is/was a pencil. Never did find the eraser end.

Later, Hiker was in her crate and Molly went over and stuck her head in. Hiker was not happy about that and she growled. Now, Hiker is, as you likely know, the most laid-back one of the pack.  I assumed that she had a Nylabone in there. Not common for her to be chewing a Nylabone but what else would she have?

Well, it wasn't a Nylabone.

That is the plastic bottle that I use to take the warm milk to the barn cats. Yes, warm milk. Its cold out there and if the milk starts out warm, there is a good chance they will drink it before it freezes.  I'm not sure how Hiker got the bottle but she was not giving it up. It took a very stern "drop it" for her to let it go.  

Look at these two. Hard to believe they would chew things they shouldn't.


  1. We're sure they wouldn't chew stuff. Most be Sumutherdog.

  2. LOL that was some mischief. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hehehe - they looks so completely innocent!

    Technically, pencil is made out of wood, therefore, it is a stick and can be chewed.

    As for the bottle, maybe someone else is hinting that they'd like some warm milk? ;)

  4. Hiker & Trail are certainly trying to look innocent! :)