Saturday, March 28, 2015

Snowed in AGAIN!

We're still here and doing fine. Just been snowed in AGAIN.  Over the past six weeks, we have been snowed in four times.  Not in a oh the weather is too bad, lets stay home way. A real snowed in. No plows on the roads and then when the weather did improve enough for the plows, they were dealing with snowdrifts being reported as high as 18 feet on the roads.

The main difficulty we had was keeping the back doorway cleared so that the dogs could get out. Of course the sighted ones were able to jump over the snow to get into the yard but the blind girls refused to go out because they bumped into the snow that had blown against the door. With winds of 80-100km/hr (50-62miles/hr) it was an ongoing challenge to keep the steps cleared. 

Brook seemed to have the right idea. She surrendered.

I give up!
Well, no, actually she has been enjoying the snow this winter and having a good time rolling around in it. Once again, I need to remind myself that she cannot see and is not copying Callie.

They are the only two that do that.  Bill and Molly are enjoying eating the snow.  

Hiker just sat and looked cute.

Things are getting back to normal and before we know it, the snow will all be melted and it will be summer! (we hope)


  1. Hope it melts soon and oh boy hope you don't get muddy. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We hope it melts soon, too. Never heard of a White Easter before.....

  3. Good grief that's a lot of snow! I wish I could send you some of our crazy heat!! We have too much! Sure makes for cute pics though. Your pups are all so adorable!

  4. Glad to hear that you are all well and I hope the snow is over for you. Left you a VM, but wasn't sure if you got it. How is Trail doing with all the snow? Take care!

  5. We're sick of snow too, we got a few more inches yesterday too! Hopefully it will stop snowing in April - next week. :)

  6. Snow? We are having record high temps. Already well into the 90s here and normally it should be in the low 80s. Wanna trade?