Monday, July 13, 2015

Hiker's neck and Molly

Our blind girl Hiker has been having some issues over the past few weeks with her neck.  It started with a slight hesitation before she would shake and then progressed to her not using her left front leg.  Initially our vet checked her and agreed there was some soreness there and suggested an anti-inflammatory/pain relief for a few days.  We did that with great results and after a week of no medication, Hiker suddenly wasn't using her left front leg and yelped repeatedly when bumped by one of the other dogs.  Off to the vet again.

Hiker is now on four medications daily and we have an appointment at the Atlantic Veterinary College to see a surgeon. No firm diagnosis yet, we'll see what the surgeon has to say.  For now, with the medications, Hiker is doing well and acting more like herself.  It was a rough couple of days but she is now back to gathering shoes in her crate and bothering the cat. Both good signs that she is feeling better.

Our lovable lab Molly is still with us. The family that came to meet her decided to buy a puppy instead. Our veterinarian has been in touch with a couple who are currently in another country and returning soon who are interested in meeting Molly.  So, we'll see how that goes.  As always, we are in no rush for Molly to leave.


  1. Oh, goodness, sorry to hear about Hiker :( It's so upsetting when our pets are in pain and we don't know why. Hopefully something that just requires some rest...

  2. Hiker is such a beauty. I hope you can figure out what the problem is soon and hopefully it's something easily fixed. Poor sweetie. That's too bad the family opted for a puppy, but if they weren't the right family for her, then it's best they didn't take her home. Thank you for loving her while she waits for her perfect, furever home!

  3. The poor girl. We'll keep our paws crossed that the problem can be found and rectified without too much expense.