Friday, July 24, 2015

Ignoring the dirt.

Callie's back leg hasn't been bothering for a few weeks now so she is occasionally playing ball and frisbee. Of course, only when it isn't too hot outside.  Yesterday she was having a great time chasing the ball around and then decided to get in the pool.  (as in previous years, she is the only one who actually gets in it)

After splashing around for a while, she decided to roll in the dirt and then come in the house.

This was her reaction when asked about the dirt and mud on the floor.

"Dirt? What dirt?"
Good plan concern, act surprised, deny, deny, deny!


  1. Well done, Callie! Deny everything.

    When we had the pool out one day.....Bella, the only one to go in, did the same.....pool...dirt bath....pool...dirt bath....

  2. Haha, good work Callie! Here's hoping everyone's legs are feeling good so all pack members can play to their heart's desire - even if only Callie likes the pool! Clever girl.
    Funnily enough, I acquired a very similar photo of Gatsby the other day which will be featured on the blog soon!

    1. Also, I know she has a few 'issues' but I can't believe anyone resisted that absolutely adorable face!

  3. The same thing happens at our house. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We look forward to getting to know you!

  4. What an excellent actress. (This is pretty much why we don't have a pool for Rita. She can come and go at will into the house, so I'm afraid she'd lay in the pool, then run around in the dirt and then cruise on into the house and hop up on the bed before I'd have a chance to stop her!)