Friday, October 16, 2015


You may recall that Callie hangs out in the laundry room.  It works very well for her since it is off the kitchen (where the rest of us hang out) and she can see everyone and be a part of what is going on without being too close since she "doesn't play well with others". The only time this doesn't work very well is when there is laundry to be done. Callie hates the washing machine (probably the dryer too but it doesn't work!). Having her in the kitchen doesn't lessen her anxiety when there is a load of wash going so a new solution was needed.

Simple really when you think about it. Leave a crate in the living room and she can hang out there until the laundry is done. 

Banished  Relocated

Callie lay down and relaxed, the laundry got done.

Then after the laundry was on the line, it was time for frisbee!

A few rounds of frisbee and then back inside for a nap.


  1. Temporary relocation sounds like a good solution. Sheets that are dried in the air and sun are just heavenly to crawl between at night, aren't they...

  2. Can Callie NEVER end up in the same room as the others? Because if so, you do a GREAT job with management. (I mean, you do anyway, obviously, but you know what I mean.)