Thursday, October 22, 2015

What do you have?

Yesterday morning while I was getting the peanut butter cracker treats ready, blind Hiker was nowhere  to be found.  This is highly unusual and I knew that something was going on.  She never ever misses the peanut butter and cracker after breakfast.

Then I heard a slight crunching noise.

"Hiiiikkkkeeeerrrr......what do you have?"

Thump-thump of her tail on the inside of her crate.

"Hiker, come here."

She came out of her crate, tail wagging and something in her mouth.

"Hiker, drop it. Good girl."


Another plastic lid.

For some reason, Hiker is obsessed with chewing and eating plastic, especially lids. She often takes them from the cat Arthur who enjoys playing with them.  I've watched her "look" around and sniff until she finds it and then she takes it into her crate to chew and sometimes eat.

A blind dog who enjoys plastic. No idea why.


  1. We have a sighted scottie who just loves the recycle bin....plastic being a favourite.

  2. That is really adorable. They enjoy the darnedest things!

  3. That is so funny. My friends dog also loves plastic lids - but she bats them around the house like a cat would. She doesn't eat them! Silly Hiker! (She is SO cute in that pic. I just want to smooch her.)

  4. Hahahaha! Too cute! Last night I was working on a craft project and a bead fell to the floor and B swallowed it. I think it was her way of retaliating because I wouldn't let her chew on the wooden dowels... stay tuned for a possible picture of a beady poo. ;)

  5. Maybe she likes the crunching noise it makes?

    Also laughing at Blueberry's human's comment.