Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You're In My Spot

One of the joys (and sometimes frustration) of having many dogs is that there are very distinct personalities. Add in some physical handicaps and it just gets more interesting.

Both blind girls, Hiker and Brook, are creatures of habit when it comes to where they like to lay. The big chair from the livingroom was moved into the kitchen for the coming winter since it is one of Hiker's favourite spots. Yesterday, there was somebody in her chair. 

Yes, it was that darn cat Arthur.

I think the look on blind Hiker's face seems to ask why he is not being removed.  She was probably wondering why I was taking a picture and not getting him out of her way.

Even though the cat is small and there is plenty of room for them both, Hiker won't lay with him. If her buddy deaf Trail wants on her chair, that seems to be okay.

Then blind and partly deaf Brook had a problem with Bill.  Brook likes to lay on the left side of the couch before supper and after supper, she will lay on the right side.  It's just her habit and when she can't, she gets a bit upset.

After about a minute of whimpering and whining, during Bill showed no intention of moving, I asked him to move over, which he did, somewhat reluctantly.


  1. LOL! Have this seating problem all the time around here. Looks like you may need a bigger couch!! :)

  2. OMD, they are all SO cute! Love the look on Hiker's face in the first one. Isn't it funny what creatures of habit they are. Rita loves to lay in the same spot on the sofa - she likes to rest her head on the arm. The hubs sat in her spot the other day, and I was like "what are you thinking?!"

  3. That's hilarious - they are as bad as human siblings!!!

  4. First of all, the cat HAS to move! We sometimes have that problem, but we have a bigger couch. We think it's so cute they way they just decide to do something different sometimes.

  5. I'm intrigued by Brook's before- and after- supper habits. I wonder what makes the difference? Guess we'll never know.

    And I love reading everyone else's comments - that's the best part about blogs! It's like you start a discussion and everyone chimes in. That makes me so happy.

  6. Ha, those are some funny situations. Our dog R is the only one with such strong habits that he gets upset when something gets in his way. I love the expressions on your dogs' faces!

  7. Our dogs are creatures of habit too! They will come up to us with the saddest expressions when the cats have taken over their beds or the couch. :)