Monday, October 15, 2012

Let me in!

The past couple of days we've had rain.  Just enough to make it muddy and as a result, the outside of the door looks like this:

All that mess is from one little dog.  Brook.  (That's Hiker in the picture.  Brook wanted no part of it)  For some reason, only Brook will request to come in.  She has gotten quite dramatic about it lately, her thing now is to throw herself against the door and let loose with a high pitched screaming bark. I always think that if there is ever an Academy Award for "Most Dramatic Dog In A Leading Role", Brook would win.

There is no reason for Brook to be screaming and throwing herself against the door.  There are no black bears, no grizzly bears, no mountain lions, nothing is after her, the porch is enclosed and therefore she is out of any bad weather.  She just wants in and she wants in NOW.  All the others just stand there.  If outside without Brook, nobody makes a sound to come in.  They'll lay on the floor of the enclosed porch and wait quietly.  I left Breeze out by herself a few days ago and when I went to let her in about 20 minutes later, she was sound asleep on the floor beside the door.

Typically what happens is that Brook comes in, checks things out and then wants back out thirty seconds later.   She is quieter about going out, just a whine while sitting in front of the door.  There are days that I feel like I let her in and out constantly.

After seeing this, I am so relieved to know that there are others!


  1. Oh boy, I sympathize. I have a dog door in the kitchen door, but still, the door around it is always nasty, as is the inside of the front door. So, last weekend I painted the inside of the doors black (the outsides was already black). The granite in my kitchen is black, so it looks good! And I like the look in the foyer, too. Of course, dried mud still shows, but it's not as nasty looking as on the old white paint...

    1. Ah, black paint, a great idea! We recently renovated the kitchen and installed new cabinets. WHITE cabinets. Seemed like a good idea in the showroom. Oh well, that's life with dogs and it's worth it!