Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rain, pupcakes and stairs.

Saturday was a yucky fall day.  Cool and rainy.  What to do with a pack?  Hmmm...a good time to make Blueberry's pupcakes! Here's the recipe Blueberry posted.

We decided to make mini pupcakes, using the mini muffin pan.  Yes, the pack could and certainly would eat bigger pupcakes but if they're small, they can have two.  Maybe three.

As always, Brook was underfoot.  She really isn't as food obsessed as she seems.  Bill is more of a foodie, Brook just doesn't want to miss anything.  I think that being blind and partly deaf, she thinks that if she is underfoot there is less chance of missing something.
Since the oven was on, I decided to roast a squash (to make soup) and then got a bit creative and put some of the roasted and mashed squash on the pupcakes.  I came close to losing a finger while handing those out!

After a few pupcakes and some squash, time to relax.

A rare sight, only one dog on the sofa!

After a nap, play time.

Breeze and Forest playing bitey-face 

Once again, we tried to get Breeze to go up the stairs.  She is getting more confident and trying.

Brook and Azule were there for support.

Come on up Breeze, you can do it!

Forest waited patiently at the top of the stairs.

Are you coming up or not?

In these photos, you can see that there is a small area rug at the bottom of the stairs.  That is there so that there is a texture difference to indicate the bottom of the stairs.  There is one at the top also.  (and yes, we are renovating and painting!)

No luck this time with the stairs, but we will try again.  Breeze is getting her back legs up on the second and sometimes the third stair, so she is figuring it out.  Perhaps she is enjoying the cuddle/carry time and doesn't want to learn the stairs!


  1. Anonymous10/21/2012

    Aw, nothing like a rainy day to try out some baking. Hope you guys get to go outside today!

    1. It's sunny now, so after work, outside fun time! Yippee!!

  2. Wow - I would not have thought of a rug to indicate that there are stairs - how clever!

    I am also of the opinion that Breeze is enjoying getting carried up and down the stairs. Growing up I had a Chow Chow that had a spay surgery and the vet said she should not climb the stairs for a while. So I would carry her up and down the stairs. Well, let me tell you - she LOVED it and long after she was healed - she would sometimes bark at the top of the stairs to see if she could coerce me into carrying her!

    Great pictures! Love how Breeze is fully stretched out on the sofa that she has all to herself for the moment!