Friday, November 02, 2012

Rainy days.

Does your dog get bored/antsy/restless when cooped up inside because of the rain?  If you're nodding your head in understanding, think for a minute what that would be like times six.  That's what we've been experiencing the past week.  Now, I say times six since Callie is not mingling with the pack during their wrestle play due to her in-charge attitude.  She's certainly not left out of the fun.  I put on my rubber boots, got the golf umbrella and we went out and played Jolly Ball and frisbee many times in the torrential downpour.  Callie really enjoyed it.  Me? Not so much.

For the most part, the rowdy ones are Forest, deaf Azule, blind Brook and blind Breeze.  So, I guess that it's really only four.  That's not so bad.  Just a little bit of chaos!

blind Breeze and Forest

After the indoor Kong Wubba toy was destroyed, I made a new tug toy out of some scrap material.  

Another good thing to do on a rainy day is to continue with trying to teach Breeze the stairs.  Deaf Azule decided to wait at the top this time.

"Not sure why you all are sitting on the stairs."

 Then Forest took over.

"I'll share my Kong if you come up."

Breeze will now venture up three stairs then turn around and go back down.  We're getting there!

An afternoon nap on a rainy day is always a good idea.

Bill and Azule
Azule and Bill

The corner of the sofa is the prime spot.  It's where Bill usually lays and yes, that pillow is there specifically for him and whomever is sharing. (spoiled?  maybe just a wee little bit)

Not her most flattering photo, but....

Bill, blind Breeze and Callie in the crate

This is how Oscar spent time during the rain.  Avoiding the dogs.

It's interesting to note though, Oscar can lay quite happily amongst the dogs when it's bedtime. 

One other thing we did during the week of rain was play Hiker's favorite game which is "gonna getchya" (not sure how to spell that!)  Basically, it's me lightly tapping my feet and saying, "I'm gonna getchya!"  Hiker gets very excited, bounces on her front feet and pretends to try and run away.  Sounds really silly and it is. 

We are looking forward to some sunshine so we can get back outside and play and hike without being all wet and muddy. 


  1. Anonymous11/02/2012

    I can't even imagine six cooped up in the gets pretty restless with just one! Hope sunshine comes your way real soon.

  2. Ours get the zoomies, and then it becomes a collie free-for-all...

  3. Ray and I play the same game that you and Hiker do, only it's called "Gimme that bone." Ray picks up his rawhide and makes the loop around the coffee table, through the front hall, into the kitchen, and back around the coffee table. I follow saying "Gimme that booooone, I want that boooooone. You gimme that booooooone," until he heads out the dog door to bury it or settles down in the front hall to chew it for a while.
    I love the photo of Breeze! (Well, I love all the photos, but especially the one of Breeze).