Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hiker and the icicle

I've never claimed to completely understand the pack and I likely never will figure them out.  

Hiker loves the heat and acts all frozen and miserable outside in the winter unless we are on a hike.  At home, she'll go out, do what needs to be done then comes rushing right back in.  Unless there is an icicle.  Then it can be -12C/10F and she'll act all happy and comfortable because she has a chunk of ice. This is the same dog that reacts to an ice cube from the freezer like it is the most horrendous thing she has ever encountered.

Yesterday, I broke off an icicle for Hiker just to see if she'd be interested in a cold, frozen something to chew.

"What's that?"

Since her eyes are permanently closed and she wasn't sure what I had, with the ears back and eyes "closed" she seems to flinching. She wasn't, I assure you.

"Got it!  An icicle just for me!"

Hiker was excited but did think that it was a bit large for chewing on.  Smaller chunks were much better.


While this was going on, poor Mr. Bill's feet were apparently just about frozen solid. (he's a bit dramatic)

Bill "My foot is cold. I wanna go in."

While all this was going on outside, this was happening inside.

Just another typical day.


  1. I wonder why
    ice cube = bad
    icicle = yummy?


    If only they could explain!

    1. I think that it would be so interesting to know what they are thinking. Perhaps a bit frightening, but interesting!

  2. All those little quirks are what makes us love them so! Oscar seems to have the most sensible approach. :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

    1. Oh ya, they got quirks! With Oscar's failing health, he's really into the cozy and warm kennel.

  3. Hiker is so adorable! Norman isn't a fan of the cold either, but Kaya seems completely oblivious to rain, snow or must be all that adrenaline!

  4. I love all your dogs. Bless you for saving their lives and giving them a wonderful and loving home. My dog Beamer loves icicles! When we go for our walks, my boyfriend will go out of his way to snap one off for him. Beamer will happily trot around with the icicle in his mouth until it starts to melt and break off. I look forward to reading more of your blog :)