Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good dog or bad dog?

So, I got to thinking about what makes a good dog versus a bad dog.  No, no, there was no catastrophic event, sometimes I just get to thinking. 

Part of the reason this came to mind is because the pack (I don't know know who) got into a bag with a few (cleaned) plastic containers I was returning last week to a co-worker who brought me some leftover Indian and Jamaican food from a family get together (really yummy!!).  The plastic bag was shredded and the containers were destroyed.

I bought some new containers and also sent some homemade dog treats along with our thanks and apologies.

I brought the destroyed containers into work along with the shredded bag and showed a few dog people as well as my co-worker that brought the leftovers and we all laughed.  A couple of people asked if the dogs were now in trouble.  Nope.  Not a big deal.  I agree, they shouldn't have taken them or chewed on them, but, whatever. They occasionally get plastic water bottles and likely to them, plastic is plastic.  Which got me thinking about people and dogs we know.

I know someone, who, whenever I ask about their dogs, the response is almost always the same. "They're so bad."  Another person I know gets frustrated and gives up when the dogs jump all over the furniture and chew things they shouldn't, such as carpet on the stairs, the coffee table and kid's toys.  They too say, "These dogs are so bad."

So, I wonder.  Is the dog good or bad based upon the human perception?  Whenever I am asked how my dogs are, my responses are always positive.  I don't dwell on or emphasize the negative.  Am I just a more positive person than people I know? 

Of course the acd6pack gets into things and does things I wish they wouldn't, however my first thought in reference to my dogs is that they are wonderful! They are loving, sweet, affectionate and funny.  Not bad.  Not at all.  Am I naive and actually have horrible, untrained dogs that don't listen and destroy the house?  No.  We receive compliments from people we know and complete strangers on how well behaved and nice and friendly the dogs are.  The dogs get invited to people's homes and workplaces.  Our vet has said, on more than one occasion, "You have the nicest rescues."

If you think your dog is good, does that make him/her (or them) a better dog?  Is it that they will be what you perceive them to be? Have we here at acd6pack just been lucky with the dogs that make up this pack and all the fosters we've lived with or is it the consistency, love and exercise in a stable home?  Is it just expecting good behavior and guiding the dogs to achieve?

Just some thoughts on good and bad (naughty and nice!) during the holiday season.


  1. Anonymous12/26/2012

    Hey ACD6pak, Jet here.

    I have to turn this subject over to Mom.

    I too, speak of my K9s (and felines when living) as one of the most special gifts in my life. Does that mean that their behavior is perfect? No. Most of the time, when the behavior is not what I preferred, it's usually my error in judgement which precipitated their subsequent actions. Like you, I prefer to take care of the misbehavior and move on. Do I have the perfectly trained K9s? Certainly not. Do they have loving personalities, they certainly do. Like you, I expect a harmonious house, so, when I add new fur family members, it works. I do not permit words like crazy, stupid, bad, dumb, ugly etc... to be used with my furfamily at any time.

    All of my fur family members had horrible "before" lives (except Koko) and deserve nothing short of a safe, loving, structured, environment.

  2. We joke that Scarlett and Kori are bad. But it's just a joke. In reality, they get along with all our fogs, they get along with strange dogs. They love people, and going places with us. So the naughty things they do, because they are still puppies, just tells us what we have to work on...

  3. Good, very very good. I'm careful not to poke my gums when stealing mom's containers :)

  4. We have tupperware that looks just like that! We are naughty and nice, it's all in the interpretation of the situation!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    P.S. Nice to met you all, we saw you over at Violet's.